Everything You Need to Know About Laser Engraving and Cutting Wood



CO2 optical laser engraving/cutting systems work with a spread of materials acrylic, textiles, natural stone, etc. Wood, however, is perhaps one the foremost widespread engraving mediums within the business nowadays. From customized gifts to engraving an organization brand or logo on a product, there area unit such a big amount of belongings you will do with an optical device.  You can check out this laser cutter video of Boss Laser LS series as an example.  Most laser cutting companies will offer videos so you can see the machine processing material without having to visit the place of business.

Wood Type

Before you even activate your optical device, take into account the sort of wood you’ll be engraving. Greenhouse emission optical device systems will engrave on nearly any sort of wood. A number of a lot of common woods embrace maple, cherry, birch ply, alder, bamboo, and walnut. All of those varieties engrave otherwise and can lead to totally different appearance – maple and cherry give a pleasant distinction once optical device incised, whereas walnut is extremely dark. Bamboo could be a highly regarded wood for engraving, however, as a result of the grain pattern may end up in Associate in Nursing inconsistent distinction.

The wood you decide on principally depends on the item being incised. As an example, Associate in Nursing oak barrel goes to engrave otherwise than a bamboo chopping board.Figure 1. An optical device cut map of Golden, Colo. Source: Epilog LaserFigure one. An optical device cut map of Golden, Colo. Source: Epilog optical device thanks to its skillfulness and sturdiness, wood is Associate in Nursing exceptionally widespread engraving substrate.


Customizing image frames with names, phrases or dates; making inlays for cupboards and plaques; personalising cutting boards, jewellery boxes, and humidors – the applications area unit apparently endless. Since Epilog optical device systems each engrave and cut, you’ll conjointly tackle prototyping jobs or custom cutting comes like this laser-cut map. Personalised presents area unit one among the most important applications for optical device engraving wood (among different mediums). You’ll optical device engrave skate decks, phone cases, musical instruments, and plenty of different wood things. Optical device customisation will increase theperceived price and is extremely abundant in high demand. Lasers conjointly permit operators to simply complete their creations by quickly engraving a brand in an not easily seen spot on a present.


Epilog shares many samples of laser-cut wood comes on their website, like a wood veneer inlay box for example. There’s a long winded tutorial for laser-engraving a bamboo chopping board there. These creations represent a number of the foremost widespread uses for optical device engraving with wood. Users will transfer the styles of those comes directly from Epilog’s web site, wherever bit-by-bit directions lead users through the complete tutorial.

Epilog’s optical device systems are not so simple to use. By following the steps, you’ll be on your way with some struggle to successfully engraving wood projects. Produce your graphic in any Windows-based graphics style software package. The foremost widespread within the business is CorelDRAW. However, nearly any vector-based software package can do.Send the planning to print within the optical device. Ensure that your print settings match the fabric you’re mistreatment.Load the fabric that you simply area unit engraving into the optical device machine and send the task to the optical device.Watch your creation print right before your eyes!


Laser engraving with wood is each remarkably simple and spectacular. Keeping these easy steps in mind, you’ll be on your thanks to manufacturing your own distinctive laser-engraved wood creation!