Steps To Keep You Safe Whilst Using a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Buying a fiber laser cutting machine but not sure how you should go about using it? Don’t worry, there are thousands who want to set up a little business at home specializing in crafts but aren’t sure about using cutting machines. While these machines look very difficult and complex to work with, they can be in fact simple enough and really quite useful too. So, what steps should you consider taking in order to keep you safe?

Learn How to Use the Machine

To be honest, a lot of people don’t truly understand how a laser cutter machine works and end up getting seriously hurt. The trouble is most people don’t think about learning how these machines work as they think they are pretty straightforward. They can be simple enough to use but only when you fully know how they work. Once you get some education about proper usage of the machines, they can actually be really quite simple to work alongside with. There has never been a better and more important factor to ensure there is proper education. If you want to use the cutting machines safely you need to know how to use the machine first.

Always Work In a Room with Plenty of Ventilation

Debris and fumes can be emanated when the machine is in use and that can often be a little overpowering. Debris shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you are wearing safety clothing and eye protection but the fumes can be another matter. It is very much important to take the time to ensure you are working in a room that has plenty of ventilation. If you are working within an enclosed space, you should try to keep as much air in so that you aren’t overpowered by the fumes. If there is no ventilation you should work in smaller sessions, for instance, no more than three minutes before taking a break. This helps to ensure you are safe whilst using the fiber laser cutting machine. It will be very much worth the extra precautions.

Take It Slow!

Trying to rush through what you need to do is the best way to get hurt. You can easily lose focus over what you’re doing and end up injuring yourself badly – which isn’t what you want. Instead, you should look at taking your laser cutting slowly. You will find you can use the laser cutter machine a lot more successfully and effectively when you go slowly. Rushing through the task at hand could cause you to be messy and cause a few injuries to yourself; instead, go slower and you will find things much easier and tidier!

Stay Safe

It’s very easy to say a laser cutting machine is simple to use but unless you fully know what you’re doing, you might run into a heap of trouble. Far too many people take for granted how dangerous a machine can be in the hands of someone who don’t know what they are doing. It’s important to educate yourself on such matters to ensure you stay safe at all times. What is more, you need to have a good working environment and to take things a little slowly too so that nothing goes wrong. A fiber laser cutting machine can be a great tool for anyone today.…



Laser cutting machines can add a lot of value and bottom line profit to any machine shop.  It can detail artwork fast and easy and make you look like a master design artist. It can cut or mark to create awe inspiring designs in wood and metal rather easily. Whatever your pc can display can be done almost as accurately. Laser cutting is of course also being used for industrial manufacturing applications, but today it is also emerging in many sophisticated small businesses, schools, and hobbyist maker shops. It is being become more popular to be use for cutting, boring, and engraving today. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser and it usually though optics. It was used to drill holes in diamond dies the first production of laser cutting machine, and was made by the Western Electric Engineering Research Center.click here for more details.

There is advantage in laser cutting over the mechanical cutting it is include easier work holding and reduced contamination of work piece, because there will be no cutting edge that will contaminate the materials. Accuracy is better, because the laser beam is not wear during the process, and also it will minimize the chance of deforming the material that is being cut. Traditionally, there are some materials that were difficult or impossible to cut. There is also advantage in laser cutting over plasma cutting one of this is for being more accurate and uses less energy when cutting sheet metal. On the other hand, most of the industrial lasers cannot cut through the greater metal thickness, and the plasma can cut the greater metal thickness. for further details, visit : http://resources.parsons.edu/labs/laser-lab/


In laser cutting, there are three main types of lasers used. The CO2 laser, Nd-YAG, and the RF method.The CO2 laser is use for cutting, boring and engraving, it is quiet similar in style with the Nd-YAG lasers and vary only in application. When using high power for boring and engraving, the NG-YAG laser is the one to be used, and also the CO2 laser, and Nd-YAG is being used for welding. Nowadays, DC designs require electrodes inside the cavity, and they can encounter electrode erosion and plating of electrode materials on the glassware and optics, and for that the RF resonators has the external electrodes so it is not inclined to those problems. CO2 laser are being used for some industrial cutting of lots of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, paper, wax, plastics, wood, fabrics, and steel, while the Nd-YAG lasers are mostly used for cutting and marking metals as well as ceramic materials.

Laser cutting works accurately and there are some ways or methods in cutting in different types of material when you are using the lasers. And the methods are vaporization cutting, it is focus beam heats and the surface of the materials to boiling point and generates a keyhole, and the keyhole will quickly increase in absorption thereby deepening the hole. Melt and Blow is also one of the methods, melt and blow uses in high-pressure gas to blow molten material from the cutting area, and impressively decreasing the need power.  Another method is thermal stress; the brittle materials are particularly sensitive to thermal fracture, a feature exploited in thermals stress cracking.

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