How to Startup A Home Laser Engraver Business without A High Investment?

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart and a self proclaimed DIY’er you’ve no doubt heard about a desktop or hobby laser engraver.  Prices compared to CNC machines are very attractive.  Laser engraving affords you the ability to create a unique business at home. Engraving jewelry, guns, metals, signs, tumblers Yeti cups and other such items can be fun, exciting and lucrative!

You do have a wide variety of laserable materials and customers to sell to and it’s a great business adventure to say the least. However, what if you don’t have a lot of start up capital, can you still start a business? Of course you can, but there’s a few things you can consider…

You Must Decide Whether to Rent or Purchase A CO2 Laser Engraver

The very first thing you need in order to start your home based business is the necessary equipment. One very crucial piece is the laser engraver but you have a few options here. You can choose to buy the engraver outright or rent it. These machines can in fact be pretty costly to buy outright so it might be wise to rent for a little while (you can find rentals in maker spaces) until the business is established and making money. If you feel buying now is the better choice that is your decision; choose wisely and think about the long and short-term of the business.

“Purchasing the best co2 laser engraver for a start up comes down to not just getting the best price, but the best overall, long-term value.  You want a laser that will grow with you without costing a lot to upgrade (i.e. the laser tube or work area) later on.”

Also, you must think about your finances.  Purchasing a the best co2 laser engraver when starting up comes down to not just the best price, but the best overall, long-term value.  You want a laser that will grow with you without costing a lot to upgrade the laser tube or work area.  One laser company that comes to my mind is:  If you do a review you’ll find they offer good prices for start up companies, schools, and hobbyists with financing or leasing options.

Dedicate a Room within the Home to the Business

Your business may be starting at home but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t still be professional! It would be more than wise to look into dedicating one or two areas within the home to the business. If the laser engraver is in the study or a spare room then make that one room entirely for the business. This will make things far easier to find and you can easily complete orders in a more effective manner too. Having remnants of the business scattered throughout the home isn’t well organized and it could seriously hamper the business. Poor organization isn’t very professional. Check here !

Market Effectively

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money to invest into the business at this initial stage or otherwise, you must still market and do so in a proper manner. Marketing can come in a variety of forms, word of mouth for instance, but there are numerous free online options to explore. For instance, you can write articles about the services you have and the laser engraving business in general, linking them back to you. Also, a website might be useful which again doesn’t require a lot of investment. Flyers, newsletters (both on and offline) can be useful and there are also social media and social networking sites to use to your advantage. The CO2 laser engraver is a great machine but that alone won’t make the business. You need to ensure the marketing is done effectively also.

Have Phone Line and Email Account Exclusively For the Business

While you might think having a laser engraver would be enough, more has to be done for this business. You need to look into how potential customers will contact you; this usually means via telephone or email. It can be a bad idea to have a home phone number as the business phone number also. The reason why is simply because another member of the family can answer the phone and make a mistake in taking an order or answering a question – it could cost your business. That is why it’s a good idea to have a dedicated phone line, this can be a cell phone number but it can keep your social life away from the business side of things. It’s also wise to do the same with your email; have a new email setup for the business too.

Creating a Business from Home Is Rewarding

Running your own business does have its rewards and if you want to create a new stream of income, this is it. However laser engraving can be fantastic and you can choose from a variety of materials to work with too. You will love it truly. When you have a reliable CO2 laser engraver and have marketed, you’re good to go.