Maintaining the CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine


Fiber lasers rule new laser cutting machine deals, and from a support point of view, there’s a valid justification for that. Fiber lasers aren’t sans support. Despite everything, they have chillers and a cooling framework, and their spread glasses, which ensure the cutting head optics, still should be cleaned or supplanted. Yet, generally the fiber laser has less moving parts than its more established CO2 cousin.


Keep up and control the solidness of PC. Control PC is primarily utilized for cutting gear control. Except if essential visual computerization programming is introduced, kindly don’t utilize the uncommon plane. Because of the PC introduced system card and hostile to infection firewall, will genuinely influence the speed of the control machine. Kindly don’t Install against infection firewall on the control machine, for example, organize card for information correspondence, frequently use disconnected activity accomplices please check the infection circumstance of U plate haphazardly, if it’s not too much trouble debilitate the system card before beginning laser etching machine. lightning assault as long as the structure lightning insurance measures can be solid. The main “great establishing” of this area can likewise help secure against lightning. Uncommon counsel: in the zone of intensity precariousness, (for example, voltage vacillation over 5%), if it’s not too much trouble introduce a power supply with a limit of any rate 3000 W to avert abrupt voltage change to wear out circuit or PC. Check here!

Rail upkeep

Throughout rail development, a lot of residues will be delivered because of the prepared materials. Support strategy: first use cotton fabric to wipe the first greasing up oil and residue on the guideway and after that apply a layer of greasing up oil superficially and side of the guideway. Support period: about seven days.

Fan upkeep

After the fan has been working for a while, a lot of residues will amass in the fan and fumes pipe. Influence the effectiveness of fan exhaust, bringing about a lot of smoke and residue cannot be released. Upkeep: discharge the association of the fumes pipe and fan, empty the fumes pipe, and expel the residue from the fumes pipe and fan. Support period: around one month.

Securing of screws

After the movement framework works for a specific time, the screws at the joint will be slackened, and when the screws are extricated, the dependability of the mechanical development will be influenced. Laser etching and cutting machine upkeep technique: securing screws individually with arbitrary joined devices. Support period: around one month.

Focal point upkeep

After the machine has been working for quite a while, the focal point will be superficial because of the workplace. By staying a layer of cinder, the reflectivity of the mirror and the transmittance of the focal point will be decreased, and the working intensity of the laser will, in the long run, be influenced. Support technique: wipe the focal point surface tenderly clockwise with degreased cotton with ethanol, clear off the residue


That is all about the maintenance of the laser cutting machine follow the above techniques to perfectly and effectively keep your laser cutting machine. Find out more at